Rules and Costs

You must register to use the Fixtures Pool telephone and web service. The registration form must be completed online and forwarded to the Exchange Secretary before any use of the Exchange is permitted.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Clubs who have not previously registered to use the Fixtures Pool may use the service free of charge for their first season. Once you have tried the facility we are sure you will wish to continue with its benefits and will re-register on an annual basis. You will therefore be able to register in this first year of use, free of any subscription. One registration will cover the whole Club - men, ladies, juniors and minis. Your club can enter the Pool as many times as it likes for no extra charge.

The website will be accessible 24 / 7 and the Exchange telephone service will back it up (open from 9.00am to 9.00pm). The telephone will normally be manned during these hours, but it may be necessary to use the answering machine if no-one is available to answer personally.

Teams may be entered for several weeks in advance, but it is expected that they are taken out as soon as possible after fixtures have been arranged, or when games are no longer required e.g. not enough players, no available pitch. It will be assumed that teams are still available to play until they are withdrawn from the Pool. If you receive a call from a Club and you no longer have a team available, this should act as an extra prompt for you to withdraw your team from the Exchange. This avoids wasting the time and money of other Exchange users. It is each Club's responsibility to withdraw its own teams.

Service may be refused to Clubs who do not withdraw teams when they should.

Note: Our role is to provide information about teams requiring games. We cannot be held responsible for any financial losses incurred due to games arranged through the Exchange being cancelled at short notice. Responsibility for this, or for mismatches, lies with the clubs who arrange to play each other.


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